1. What traits do you think make someone a good leader? Which characters in Ablaze are the strongest leaders?
  2. Have you experienced an unexpected “falling out” with a friend like Marlee did? How would you advise Marlee to handle the situation?
  3. Since we first met the Stanley sisters, the dynamics between them have changed in some ways. Have you seen similar changes in your family?
  4. Do you think Marlee responded to Shelby appropriately? Why or why not?
  5. Marlee relies on Sawyer like a strong, older brother. Why do you think she looks up to him in this way?
  6. After the peanut incident, we see Marlee in an uncharacteristically low place. If you were another character in the story, what would you do or say to encourage Marlee?
  7. During the wildfire, what do you think most encouraged Marlee to lead?
  8. When her group was rescued, Marlee let the others go first. Does this make her a leader or a follower? Explain your thoughts.
  9. Were you surprised with the outcome of Braelynn and Marlee’s friendship? Why or why not?
  10. Discuss how Marlee has grown throughout the Off the Itinerary series.