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  1. What was your first reaction to Acadia? Why does Sawyer not want Marlee or Ellie to know about her if he doesn’t like her?
  2. Do you think the group made the right decision when they chose to stay with Thad and help him? Why or why not?
  3. When Marlee disagrees with Marshall’s idea to scout around on top of the ridge, Marshall acts defensive. Do you ever feel like your suggestions are disregarded?
  4. What do you think about the group’s decision to have some hike toward their parents? Which group would you rather have been in during the night?
  5. Marlee’s numerous flashbacks make her think that she won’t be able to manage life if Ellie moves away. Have you experienced a similar life change? What advice would you give Marlee?
  6. Thad thinks of Marlee as “the one with the big cut on her face.” Why does Sawyer say that nobody (but a jerk) will think of Marlee that way? Why do the two guys have such different opinions? Do you think Thad thinks of his friends in distanced terms?
  7.  Do you relate to Sawyer’s concern about admitting his failure to Ellie? Why or why not?
  8.  Loving our enemies is a recurring theme in Chased. Were you surprised at the way the Miles and Stanley parents responded to what Thad had done? How would your parents respond? How would you respond if Thad had treated your friends like that?
  9.  In Avalanche, Marlee tended to be a peacemaker and often encouraged Marshall. In Chased we see the opposite. Why is Marlee so anxious this summer? What would you say to encourage her? Were you surprised that Marshall gave her advice?
  10.  Marlee has a lot to think about between Ellie’s news and Ranger Rose’s invitation to contribute to the outdoor youth program. Why is she so content at the end of the story?