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  1. Do you agree with Marlee’s reasoning that as long as they didn’t ask permission, they weren’t disobeying? Why or why not? Would you have joined the group, or stayed back at camp?
  2.  Throughout the story, Marlee learns about applying the Golden Rule to real life. How do you think she will treat Bentley and Sierra in the future? Do you think she and Marshall will have a stronger or weaker friendship after their various (and sometimes heated) conversations?
  3.  To which of the characters do you most relate?
  4. Did it surprise you when Marshall would blow up in frustration? What kinds of circumstances bring out your worst traits?
  5.  Lydie has a resilient, positive personality. Do you have a Lydie in your life who has the ability to lighten the mood and remind others of the bright side to situations?
  6.  Naturally, Sawyer felt responsible for the group’s well-being and blamed himself when they needed help. If you had been along on the trek, how would you have treated Sawyer after the avalanche? What would you say to encourage him to move forward?
  7.  Why is Ellie often rude to Sawyer? How would you advise her to treat him?
  8.  What was your favorite scene and why?
  9.  The characters in Avalanche have an adventure to tell. In the future, do you think they will tell their story with pride or embarrassment? Will they share their story as a warning to others, or will they feel privileged to have had their experience?
  10.  Working through difficulties with others usually bonds a group in a unique and lasting way. Do you think the characters will feel forever bonded from their experience? Will they resent Sawyer?