Chased Title Logo“I had a few minutes yesterday and thought I’d start Chased. I couldn’t quit reading. I read the first 10 chapters last night and then I just had to finish it this morning…It was a very good blend of adventure and thought-provoking commentary.” – Cynthia, ARC Reader,

“Boyle writes so exactly just what teens are feeling.” – Jennifer S., Beta Reader

“…realistic, exciting, and suspenseful…Chased is the perfect sequel to Avalanche. It’s gripping, suspenseful, entertaining, and, best of all, Christian. Stuff like that is hard to find today.” -David M., Beta Reader

“I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and I loved every second of it!” -Nia F., Beta Reader 

In this thrilling sequel to Avalanche, Marlee and her sisters are glad to be hiking again with the Miles boys. Their group of five is strong and cohesive as their explore the rugged mountains of Montana.

When they first meet Thad, a dehydrated hiker on the trail, they offer first aid to help him recover. Thad seems harmless until he tells them to hike a few extra miles at sunset. When Lydie finds a hand drawn map that Thad dropped, the kids realize that he is a modern day treasure hunter-and he thinks they’re after his treasure.

As they rush to flee Thad, they make split second decisions and find themselves in a unique set of dangers – steep, unforgiving ridges, sneaking through the night to avoid Thad, and a dangerous thunderstorm.

What is God’s plan for the kids? How will they get away from Thad before it’s too late?

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