Interstate State Park, Part II

My family loves Interstate State Park, and we once again were amazed with the glacially-impacted landscapes.

Today we started in the Ice Age Center on the Wisconsin side and watched a 24-minute video titled Mammoths and Moraines. My elementary-aged kiddos gleaned much from it, but I had to take out the toddler halfway through when running across the chairs became more interesting (and louder!) than the video. In the video, the geology is explained in layman’s terms, and many of Wisconsin’s state parks and forests are briefly featured.

In the visitor center, we also saw some fossilized wooly mammoth teeth and bones, some taxidermized bald eagles, and a short video describing how spinning rocks in natural whirlpools created the potholes we see at the park. There are also a few of the perfectly round and smooth rocks on display.


We were able to follow the Horizon Rim Trail from end-to-end this time (previously, part of it was under water). Again, we couldn’t resist the unique Pothole Trail with its jagged cliffs above the St. Croix River. My two-year old was in the carrier for most of the exposed part of the trail. I love to explore and let the kids experience the wilderness, but I also strive for safety.

overlooking river


I’ve learned that giving the kids a bug-catching jar with a magnifying-lid and/or a trekking pole give them lots of incentive to keep hiking! It’s the little joys in life 🙂

I saw this plaque in the visitor center and naturally have been wondering about taking a similar trek when the kids are a bit older…

BS troop

Next time we hope to hike Lake o’ the Dalles Trail and check out the beach. Let me know your favorite state parks and hiking trails (and how hike-able they are with youngsters!). Also, comment with your tips for hiking with children! Happy trails!

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