Read to Your Kids, Part III, Books to Boost Work Ethic (6-year-old boy approved)

Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures series by Kevin Lovegreen 

Minnesota-based author Kevin Lovegreen has turned his family’s real hunting stories into children’s books. My son hangs on every word as Luke’s family observes various animals depending on the book. I appreciate how each character works together and has a crucial role in the hunting trips. This series sets a great example for teamwork that is relatable to young readers (or listeners), whether or not your family hunts.



Elbow Grease by John Cena

‘Bo isn’t the smartest or fastest monster truck, but he has gumption, which his brothers learn is worth congratulating. This book has a flowing story line and great illustrations, and my 6-year-old son loves it. I appreciate the “work hard and do your best” theme.

elbow grease


Whoosh!: Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions by Chris Barton

Ever wondered who invented the Super Soaker or the diapers with stripes that change color when wet? His name is Lonnie Johnson, and ‘Whoosh!’ tells his story. From his beginning as a curious boy who constantly tinkered, to working as a NASA employee designing invaluable equipment, Lonnie later became the inventor of the Super Soaker. Lonnie didn’t always have it easy, and ‘Whoosh!’ will show your kids the value of never giving up. My 6-year-old son (also a tinkerer) never tires of this well-written story.



The Little Snowplow by Lora Koehler

Sometimes it’s the little guy with the right attitude who has taken preparation seriously who will save the day! The big trucks can tease and scoff all they want, but when one of the biggest and toughest trucks is buried in snow, the Little Snowplow will prove to be the one who is most able to help.



Your turn! What children’s stories have you found that teach the value of hard work and the right attitude? Please post your comments below 🙂

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