Sifting for Gems – Where to Find Books Worth Reading

Hey all! Are you holding up during this insane and uncertain time with the pandemic causing anxiety and grief? If you’re reading this, you may even think, ‘Wow, Liz lives under a rock. She’s taking time to write a blog post about books when the world is spinning out of control.’

I’m not completely ignoring reality, but I’m also not completely immersing myself in the news. I need balance, after all, as we all do! So today I’m sharing some sites where you, Dear Reader, can find books worth reading. And with the tumultuous situation in the world right now, hiding away with an inspiring book for an hour may be beneficial to your emotional health 🙂

In this high-tech, too-busy-to-stop world, we’re constantly barraged with media, good and bad. I’ve chosen to highlight three websites that promote clean and/or Christian books.

  1. 1531 Entertainment – The creators of 1531 Entertainment say: 

    Here at 1531 Entertainment, we believe in the power of positive amusements. Our goal is to share uplifting books, audiobooks, movies, and TV shows. Our hope is to make it easier for you to find clean and encouraging entertainment.

    Our name comes from Acts 15:31, which reads, “The people read it and were glad for its encouraging message.” This was in reference to a letter being read to a church, but we liked it for our name because our focus is on clean and encouraging content.

What a brilliant mission! You can even sign up for a newsletter in which you specify which genres most interest you. That’s like filtering pre-filtered material for the audience. What could be better?

2. Celebrate Lit – “Celebrating Christian Literature One Book at a Time”

Celebrate Lit hosts frequent blog tours to promote books. Giveaways are as common as the great titles you’ll find here. One of my favorite authors was first brought to my attention from Celebrate Lit’s site.

3. Authoring Arrowheads – Author Allyson Kennedy is a diligent blogger who writes clean YA fiction, and she frequently posts book reviews on her website which features worthwhile books. Her southern style and sense of humor will have you following her blog in no time.


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