When Your White Water Rafting Trip Loosely Resembles a Hallmark Movie

Hey there! Dustin and I had the amazing opportunity to go whitewater rafting (yup, in Wisconsin!) and when weather became an antagonist, the trip started to remind me of a Hallmark movie, so I decided to share the experience here on the blog. (Actually I would’ve shared the experience anyway, but this seemed like a catchy way to do it). Here’s how the trip went:

  • Protagonist couple leaves children in the care of grandparents and sets off with high hopes for an adventure to remember.
  • Couple sets up camp, working together to beat sunset.
  • Temperature drops. The couple is forced to hunker down in a backpacking tent to keep warm.
  • Unexpected snowfall and dropping temperatures become the game-changing midpoint, causing all characters to evaluate their motives and fears.
  • Rafting guide convinces protagonists to wait out the snow and raft tomorrow. The added precipitation will make the rapids even better, and hopefully tomorrow will be a tad warmer for probable raft flipping.
  • Couple spends the snowy day hiking to beautiful waterfalls.
  • Couple must take shelter for another chilly night. Big Agnes sleeping pads, the MSR tent, and a 2-person sleeping bag prove to be priceless, and a la Hallmark, are conveniently already set up. The dining fly/emergency shelter is so much more than a tarp, and the wife admits that it’s the best $200 investment she ever [sort of] agreed to.
  • Characters’ hope is rekindled with a sunny morning.
  • Couple goes on their long-awaited rafting trip. They have a blast paddling and adventuring with their experienced guides, and they have a new appreciation for wetsuits.
  • Couple drives off toward the sunset and their children. They’ll live happily ever after. It can be assumed that the only antagonists they’ll face are the weather and their fear [of hypothermia].

Here’s a short video of some of the highlights of the trip!

Shout out to Kosir’s Whitewater Rafting for what I would call an awesome trip, but I believe the guides would describe it as sick 😉

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