What Am I Writing Right Now?

If you’ve looked at my blog in the past few months, you might suppose that all I do now is delegate blog pieces to other authors to write. It’s true that I’m enjoying collaborating with other authors to discuss the role of fiction, and you can look forward to a few more authors’ blog pieces on this topic (including mine!). In addition to talking with other authors, I have been working on a new writing project that I’m eager to tell you about!

Shortly before my 3-book series Off the Itinerary released, I started having ideas for my next book. (Yes, imagination hinders sleep sometimes).

Now that the second draft edits are complete and it’s with my beta readers, I’m getting pretty excited with the progress! I can honestly say it’s been a blast writing this story. So what is it?

Wannabe Lifeguard On Duty is a standalone novel about a no-nonsense lifeguard, a wannabe lifeguard who is learning to cope with guilt, a dog named Play Dough (or Plato, depending on who you ask!), and a quirky sister who hosts pottery festivals. With a boss full of sage advice and a Super Soaker in Mama S’s kitchen, my hope is that this dual point-of-view book will inspire readers to trust God and develop their talents.

If Jada can just earn her lifeguard certificate, maybe Shell County will give her a second chance and she can give back to the community that lost a child due to her irresponsibility. 

No-nonsense Anders is a top-notch lifeguard who could help Jada, but he doesn’t take her seriously either. And no way will he let Jada know why he became a lifeguard. Because who would want to take lifeguard lessons from someone who caused another to drown?

Writing two points-of-view, Anders’s and Jada’s, has been so much fun that my old AP Lit teacher would certainly raise her eyebrows in disbelief if I told her how I’ve been spending my free time. Anders and Jada are both more flawed than my Off the Itinerary characters, and they have some serious misbeliefs about their own lives that they need to overcome. While the themes are pretty weighty, including drowning and coping with guilt, there’s enough lightheartedness sprinkled in to call it a feel-good book.

I don’t have a release date set yet, but I’ll let you all know as soon as I’m ready for advanced readers!

Authors, what are you working on?

Readers, what books do you want authors to write? Post your positive comments below 🙂

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