My First Time to an Ocean

You know that meet-and-greet game in which people are instructed to tell three little-known facts about themselves and everyone has to guess who it is? Until a few weeks ago a fact that I always used was, “The closest I have ever been to an ocean is Boston Harbor.” Because of course coastal dwellers don’t consider a harbor the same as the ocean, and they also don’t think it’s overly impressive that I’ve seen all five Great Lakes (and have gone swimming in Superior and Ontario! – yes, they’re cold, and yes, hard core folks surf in the Great Lakes).

Well our family had a really special opportunity earlier this month to go to Florida with some relatives. The family time together was a highlight, and my favorite day was beach day 🙂 Now I love beach days in Wisconsin (yes, we have beaches), and I will always, always love mountains, canyons, and the landscape of America’s southwest…..but now I can say that I love the ocean, too. I know, I know, one visit to the ocean doesn’t make me an expert, so I’ll just have to keep watching surfers on Instagram with awe, but I fully relished the time I had in the Atlantic [in January, when the sea water was still warmer than Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers are in summer].

This year with our homeschool group we’re memorizing the creation account, and actually seeing and playing in the waters that He gathered together was completely impressive. Hearing the roar of the waves, feeling the force of the water, watching the Fibonacci Sequence in the waves and shells – it was beyond exciting for us to see the ocean 🙂

Speaking of Fibonacci, I found this goofy and uncouth video explaining the numbers known as the Golden Ratio, which is observed all over nature, which is further evidence of a God greater than we can fathom. Of course there are much more scholarly videos regarding Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio, but everybody needs to laugh, so we’ll probably remember the details of this silly video better anyway, even if the Arctic doesn’t have penguins.

But let’s get back to Florida. I loved all the green growth, the warm temperatures, and eating outside. I loved that, from the airport tram ride, I spied with my little eye an alligator below us. The palm trees, the sunshine, being together with family, and even driving past a Winn-Dixie store (which has spurred us to reread Because of Winn-Dixie as a family) were enough to make me hope this could become an annual thing 😉

Before our plane even landed, it was clear that the summery vacation was over, and when we retrieved our van from the airport shuttle parking lot and had to dig it out, I began to wonder why exactly early pioneers stayed in the north. A few days later we took a walk in the woods and I saw, not for the first time, the unique beauty in snow. But still, I can see why people head south for winter…or at least take vacations there!

Comment below and tell me about a place you’ve dreamed of visiting, or something you know about the Fibonacci Sequence!

4 thoughts on “My First Time to an Ocean

  1. Issabelle Perry says:

    I’m so glad you got to visit the ocean!!! It was so neat reading someone’s thoughts the first-time they visited Florida and the oceans! I’ve been to Florida several times, and I just love visiting the ocean there! One time my family visited the Florida Panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico, and the water there is absolutely beautiful! It’s emerald-color and clear, and there’s something about seeing places like that that just leave you in awe knowing that God created all of this! I hope you’re able to visit the ocean again!

    One place I would love to visit one day is eastern Europe. I do a lot of study about the culture and history there, and I think it would be just amazing to see with my eyes the things I have read about!

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