Interstate State Park, Part I

With its glacial potholes, well-known rock formations, and trails on the National Scenic Ice Age Trail, Interstate State Park (in Wisconsin and Minnesota) is a must-hike.

I hope to return several times this summer with my kids (and husband if it’s not a work day)….here are a few tidbits from a memorable day last week:

  1. The kids zealously headed down the Pothole Trail, a half-mile loop along the St. Croix River. It was beautiful and provided plenty of fun scrambling opportunities for my 3 kiddos. I would be remiss to not add that if you’re bringing kids under age 5, you may risk heart failure as they briskly toddle toward the cliff edges.

See where they’re gazing into the astoundingly deep pothole? It was at that point that I insisted my toddler ride in the carrier on my back. Scenic, absolutely. Scientific and historic, check and check. Hair-raising (with a 2-year-old), indeed.


2. Next we opted for the Horizon Rock Trail, a half-mile loop that I would deem as very safe for families. It is still beautiful, but not along the cliff-edge. Less rocky and more wooded, it ventures into a valley, and ultimately leads to the Ice Age Center. Unfortunately, due to shin-deep water in the depths of the trail, we had to turn back before arriving at the Ice Age Center. We look forward to more next time 🙂

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