“I’m So Sure” by Jenny B. Jones Book Review

In “I’m So Sure” by Jenny B. Jones, high-schooler Bella Kirkwood and school newspaper editor Luke Sullivan have another weighty mystery to solve, and this time the safety of the prom queen candidates is at stake.

I enjoyed watching Bella and Luke unravel the clues to the pending prom catastrophe (and grow closer as friends and coworkers and maybe more), and laughed ridiculously hard when Bella worked various part-time jobs (Bella and a refried-bean gun…what could go wrong?!).

I was delighted to see stepdad Jake and Bella’s relationship become more fatherly-daughterly in this sequel to “So Not Happening.” Similarly, I love the way Bella cheers for her increasingly-famous wrestler stepdad as her relationship with her real father is further strained. In “I’m So Sure,” Bella also becomes a better stepsister to Budge and Robbie, and overall this newly blended family in Truman, OK is making good strides in the family department. Bella is maturing and more at peace with her new life, and she seems kinder than in “So Not Happening,” so I found her character more likable than when I first met her – although her wit and sass really grow on you. The ending surprised me (as it did in “So Not Happening”); JBJ can quickly twist the plot to keep you on edge!

“I’m So Sure” is the perfect addition to “A Charmed Life” series. The target audience is teenage girls, but I’m a wife and mom in my twenties and love these books. I would recommend “I’m So Sure” to anyone who enjoys Christian YA novels, laughing, medium-heavy mystery, and rom-com.

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