“What If” Children’s Book Review

What If cover

Author Melody Carlson teamed up with illustrator Bethany Harris to make this darling, meaningful story for children. What If? explores a child’s imagination and ponders what life would be like as various animals and objects (like a ladybug eating pie, or an incredibly cute raindrop).

The lyrical rhymes on each page flow naturally and are fun to read. My three young children adore stories with this style of short, rhyming sentences. What If? is sure to delight children from newborn to ages six or seven.

In addition to the flowing, almost-musical style of the phrases, I also appreciated the vocabulary. For instance, by seamlessly using the word muddle, which isn’t exactly in the Top 100 Words Used in Daily Conversation, the parent (or other beloved reader) will have a nice opportunity to explain the word; and, since it’s in this memorable story, the child will expand his/her vocabulary. Parakeet, quake, and Northern Light also stood out to me as words that may increase the little learner’s vocabulary.

After the story briefly explores a handful of lighthearted ponderings, the conclusion gives thanks to God for designing and creating one of me.

The illustrations could not be any cuter. The colors are subtle, yet beautiful, and every creature has an expressive face that made me smile.

I enjoyed this opportunity to read and review What If? by Melody Carlson, and I would recommend reading it to the kiddo(s) in your life. I received a copy of this book at no cost, but was not required to write a positive review. It’s just that good.




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