I’ve Got Sunburn on a Cloudy Day


Nothing says FAIR SKIN like discovering sunburn after a completely overcast day. You know, one of those days when the clouds are stacked so thick that a fair-skinned person might say, ‘I probably could skip reapplying my sunscreen. It’s only been a few hours and it’s SOOO cloudy.’  Hypothetically speaking, of course 😉


And then there’s the debacle of what sunscreen to use….should you risk the easy-to-rub-in classic sunscreen that smells like summer, but that we all recently found out actually CAUSES cancer? Or go with the clown-makeup, thicker-than-toothpaste physical barrier sunscreen?

After trial and error, the five in our family have unanimously agreed that Think Baby and Think Sport are the best options for us. They smell good (a little citrus-y), rub in way easier than toothpaste (but not quite as easily as the chemical-barrier sunscreens, and best of all, are considered safe by the experts:



I’d like to hear what you use for sunscreen in the comments below.

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