Audio Books Your Family Will Love

Traveling with youngsters can be so…..character-building. Certainly it can be rewarding, scenic, and fun. Let’s be totally honest, though, and admit that family members often quarrel, and squabbling siblings can be absolutely infuriating.

Enter Audio Books. Our kids have been read to since birth, and a story is often the truce flag when situations grow tumultuous in our home. Audio books have helped us through many, many miles. Here are 4 that our kids almost always agree on, and we parents enjoy them too:

-Pie by Sarah Weeks

‘Pie’ is a story about Alice’s beloved Aunt Polly leaving her award-winning pie crust recipe to her cantankerous cat. It’s funny, heartwarming, and a must-read (or hear). Furthermore, you’ll be inspired to bake a pie by the end (each chapter begins with a recipe), and your kids will relish this. I love that a main theme of the book is discovering and making the most of each individuals’ talents.

-Stella by Starlight by Sharon M. Draper

‘Stella by Starlight’ is not light-hearted like ‘Pie,’ but it does provide ample opportunities to discuss racial conflict with your kids. Stella Mills is growing up in 1940s North Carolina, and knows firsthand the fear of the KKK. You’ll love Stella and her brother JoJo, and their strong family and friends.

-The Cay by Theodore Taylor

Phillip is happy on his Dutch island in the south Atlantic until WW2 frightens his mom into insisting the two travel to Virginia, leaving his dad to work endless hours in the oil refinery. When Phillip and his mom’s ship is wrecked, Phillip wakes up to challenges he never dreamed–character building on steroids.

-The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary (who is 103 years old!) has a knack for making kids laugh hysterically, no matter how many times they hear her funny stories. When a mouse-sized toy motorcycle brings boy Keith and mouse Ralph together, memories are made as your kids savor this tale and let their imaginations run–or drive toy motorcycles with talking animals.

What read-alouds and/or audio books delight your family? Please comment below 🙂




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