Do You Use the Hiker’s Knot?

From the ages of 5 to 25 I didn’t put much thought into how I tied my shoes/boots. Bunny ear, chase the other lace around the tree, dive into the hole, laces are tied, move on with life.

A few years ago we trekked in the Grand Canyon (which was a phenomenal experience, and if it weren’t for kids back at home, I happily would’ve moved there permanently), and our leader casually mentioned the “Hiker’s Knot.”

Having never heard of the Hiker’s Knot, I asked for elaboration, and now it’s the only way I tie laces. Forget double knots which seem to always untie themselves. The Hiker’s Knot is easy to tie, easy to untie, and stays firm until you choose to untie. What more could boot/shoelaces want?

hiker's knot2

Here’s how to make the Hiker’s Knot:

  1. As standard, start with a half-hitch – did you know it was called a half-hitch? 😉
  2. Make a bunny ear with one lace (again, you probably already do this)
  3.  If you’re new to the Hiker’s Knot, this is the only difference to standard shoelace tying – Wrap the other string TWICE around the tree/bunny ear.

hiker's knot 1

4.   Pull the lace through the hole – voila.

Try it, and let me know how you like using the Hiker’s Knot!

Happy trails!


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