“When You Are Near” by Tracie Peterson Book Review

when you are near

Looking for a beautiful story about trusting God, being honest, and the value of family and friends? I’d recommend “When You Are Near” by Tracie Peterson.

I love horses and am amazed by trick riding, so the plot grabbed my attention from page one. Lizzy Brookstone is a stunt rider in 1900 for her family’s traveling show. She captivates audiences across the nation, but since her father’s sudden death, she’s lost the zeal for trick riding. The only problem with resigning from the show and staying at her family’s ranch in Montana is the ranch foreman Wes, who broke her heart ten years ago. However, if she continues to perform, she’ll have to share time and ideas with the new show manager, Mr. Adler, who is just as eager to make changes to the show as he is to pursue her.

What will Lizzy do? And what will she and her friend Ella do when the Brookstone’s wrangler is mysteriously killed at Ella’s family’s ranch while the show visits Kentucky?

Throughout the story, Lizzy learns to trust God, to invest in family and friends, and to be honest with herself and her loved ones. Lizzy’s generous spirit and helpful attitude are inspiring attributes, and the friendships she forms and strengthens prove her to be a godly woman.

“When You Are Near” has realistic characters, a strong storyline, and a most satisfying ending. Enjoy!

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