JPC Allen’s A Shadow on the Snow Review

As nineteen-year-old Rae Riley gets to know her newly-found father and his family, a stalker won’t let her forget her late mother’s notorious past. Fearing the threat will make her family reject her, Rae investigates the mystery herself. But her amateur sleuthing may cost her the dad she’s always wanted.

“Absolutely captivating! Equal parts heartwarming and suspenseful, I was drawn in as much by the blossoming relationships and loveable family dynamics as the page-turning mystery. Allen has created a town filled with complex characters I want to visit again and again, from resourceful Rae to her spunky brothers and loyal but hurting friends. Whether you’re an enthusiast of the mystery genre or just looking to be immersed in an engaging story, A SHADOW ON THE SNOW won’t disappoint!”

-Award-winning author Laurie Lucking

My Review:

I’ll admit, I don’t normally devour mysteries, but I might after loving A Shadow on the Snow! Allen writes in such vivid descriptions that I was immersed in Rae’s story from the first page. Readers will gain intriguing backstory if they read the short story “A Rose from the Ashes” which is found in Christmas Fiction off the Beaten Path. Readers who haven’t read the short story will still have a fantastic read in A Shadow on the Snow.

In addition to a suspenseful story that kept me guessing, I really appreciated:

  • that this was a clean read with no swearing, sex or romance
  • the Christian themes
  • the emphasis on a father’s unconditional love for his children
  • the overall attitude of respect for law enforcement

Thanks to JPC Allen for writing an engaging and meaningful young adult novel!

“Come for the mystery. Stay for the characters. Suspense and relationships merge into a heart-pounding and heartwarming tale.”

-James R. Hannibal

Readers, pre-order your copy here.

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Anxious to meet Rae before her release day?

Here’s a glimpse at one of your new favorite characters:

I’m sort of new here so I’ll introduce myself.

Full name: Rae Hope Riley

Age: Nineteen

Height: 5’11

Weight: Depends on how much of my gram’s cooking I’ve eaten.

Best feature: My hair. It’s dark gold and thick and I don’t have to do much to it to make it look great. But then sometimes it decides to attack me.

Job: Check-out clerk at the county library system

Friends: Devon Majors and that’s about it.

Family: My dad, my gram, three half-brothers, two cousins, two aunts, and an uncle. I won’t even go into all the relatives I have on the outlaw side of the family.

Hobbies: Photography, drumming, horses, and right now solving mysteries. The solving mysteries just keeps happening.but I’ve got to keep investigating. On my own. Because I can’t let anything ruin my relationship with my dad and my new family.

3 thoughts on “JPC Allen’s A Shadow on the Snow Review

  1. jpcallenwrites says:

    Thank you so much! One of my goals was to write a mystery for teens who don’t want all the explicit content you often find in current YA mysteries. And without a focus on romance. Some teens, like my two nieces, don’t want a romantic angle in every teen story.


    1. mlizboyle says:

      I loved that it kept me in suspense, but not to the point of losing sleep from such scary scenes. I agree that sometimes it’s nice to see platonic friendships! You did a great job!


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