Book Bundle Giveaway

Hello readers! I want to let you all know about a large book bundle giveaway that’s super easy to enter. This collection of 30 inspiring books and an eReader is a valuable prize, and my newest book Ablaze is part of it. You have until January 12 to enter, so head on over to BookSweeps and add your name to the drawing 🙂

With the calendar switcheroo and looking ahead to 2022, I hope to deliver helpful articles from fellow authors this year, and in the (hopefully) near future I’m excited to tell you all about my current WIP (work in progress). If you’re not already a newsletter subscriber, sign up so that every month you can receive an inspiring quote, a writing tip, and news about my WIP, book promotions, and other bookish updates.

In the meantime, remember: Adventure is everywhere. Read it. Live it. Share it.

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